Snail House



Location: La Reina, Santiago de Chile

Total built area: 80 m2



The ‘Snail House’ takes its name from the Snail Shell which has a curvy shape driven by a spiral.  Spiral logic, more similar to a vortex, was taken as a primary design guideline as a negotiation between two external factors:  The Access point and the View of Santiago; and its architectural repercussions:  A living Space and a space to enjoy the view and relax.

             Orientation was a key factor that also determined the shape of the house and also it’s deign:  The Sun in the Southern Hemisphere is located towards the north, and solar gain in winter and lighting in summer was crucial.

          The house negotiates with all the factors expressed above in a clever but obvious way: The Bedroom is located towards the East, to receive the morning sunrays, and the living + dining area are located towards the west, in order to get the best view of the sunset over Santiago’s Skyline.

The curvy shape also allows the sun to enter the house during winter in a continuous fashion, and the fact that the house has openings in the opposite sides allows cross-ventilation in winter.


 The house is designed for a couple, but if the family grow in number, the house can be extended upwards, using the roof terrace as first floor (second floor in Chile).