Quitralco Fjord Shelter

The Qutralco Fjord Shelter is a viewpoint sheltered from the strong Patagonian winds built in Termas de Quitralco, Chile.

It was done as a design project under the Architectural Association’s EmTech programme in 2007.  The main idea was to build an iconic structure in a site that has no landmarks, in a reduced amount of time.

The overall building time given was 10 days but the ruled-surface technique allowed the team integrated by Maria Bessa, Bulut Cebeci, Andres Harris Aguirre, Elke Pedal Baertl, Defne Sunguroğlu, Manja, Van der Worp, Christy Widjaja, Juan Subercaseux, Michael Hensel, and local people to build the whole structure in only 5 days.

The Team worked under the Coordination of Michael Hensel and Juan Subercaseaux in a site owned by the Westcott family.

Structural guidance was coordinated by Buro Happold, London.