London Architecture Festival Pavilion

Copihue Structure

Elevations and Components Catalogue
Elevations and Components Catalogue


 The whole idea of the Wooden canopy is to generate a small sun-shelter made from Chilean wood to exalt the wood’s structural properties.

A Bio-Morphological approach was implemented:  The Pavilion resembled a Copihue flower (in plan view) ; a vernacular flower that inhabits exclusively the Chilean territory)

The canopy is a stand-alone structure whose shape is a semi spiral that marks a promenade around which the whole structure can be appreciated. The structure is based in a continuous shape which has a beginning and end.

The structure was developed parametrically using Rhino vba scripting, allowing an exact deployment of pieces that can be assembled on site. The idea is to manucfactrure the pieces in Chile, transport them to London where it can be assembled, and brought back to Chile once the biennale is over.

Andres Harris.